My Themes Cafe is a free theme,plugins and SEO tools provider website that always provide virus free content to its valued users. The purpose of creating this site it to provide the best theme that you are searching for. We provide both Blogger and WordPress themes for free. To get know about that theme license information kindly visit our Theme License page.
Today our main question it that why you should choose My Themes Cafe for any theme and plugins that you are searching. There are some factors that we are going to explain as follow:-

1. Fast Loading Website:

The first quality of our website is that our site is very quick and fast. We have designed this website with some secret tricks to make it fast. So that some of our users with slow internet connection can also access this quickly. There is a hard effort behind our website speed. Let's see how it is fast?

Page speed Insight Test (Google Speed Test):-

Pingdom Speed Test:-

2. Simple Layout:

Second quality is that our website has very very simple layout so that user does not stuck off in any thing. The valued user can easily search theme and enjoy it without any disturbance.


The third important quality is that our website contain DEMO link for every theme or plugin. So you first see the demo and then download it according to your requirements. We also give that DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK for you easiness. Just click download and it downloads in just a second. 

4. Virus Free Content:

The fourth quality is that we always provide virus free content. We first test every theme/plugin and then upload it. This step is to keep you secure from any type of virus or hacking material.

5. Submit Your Theme:

We have also provide a option to SUBMIT YOUR THEME. Because if you have designed any theme you can give us and we will publish it for you on our website. We are just doing this step for our value user.

There may be some other factors but these are important one's. So hope that you like this article and our website. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more theme and plugins.

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